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Empowering Men: 2nd Annual Muscle Up Your Mental Health Forum Strikes a Chord

Updated: May 5

Samar Healthcare Hosts Successful Event Focused on Transgenerational Trauma

In a society where the weight of masculinity often suppresses discussions about mental health, the 2nd Annual Muscle Up Your Mental Health Forum emerged as a successful event for the empowerment of men. Held last week in Atlanta, this exclusive event gathered men from all walks of life to engage in candid conversations about mental wellness and the impact of transgenerational trauma.

Why the theme "Transgenerational Trauma?"

By confronting any inherited trauma and pain, the forum hopes to foster open dialogue and equip men with the tools to break free from the shackles of transgenerational trauma and forge a path toward holistic wellness for themselves and future generations.

Muscle Up Your Mental Health Forum Panelists

Forum Panelists:

The forum brought together a formidable set of panelists consisting of:

  • Dr. Mary Muranja, NP-C / PMHNP, Psychiatric Mental Health & Substance Abuse Expert, Samar Healthcare.

  • Jeanny Zelaya, LPC,CCTP-II, Psychotherapist, Helping Heart Counseling.

  • Joan Mwangi, Master Life Coach, Inner Child Healing Advocate & Coach - Unearth A Conscious You.

  • Theo Foreman, Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) & Relapse Prevention Specialist - Clean Spirits, LLC

Healing For Future Generations

"We are a product of our upbringing and microtraumas. Traumas that we are passing from one generation to another," said Dr. Mary Muranja, convener of the Muscle Your Mental Health Forum.

The forum kicked off with Dr. Mary Muranja shedding light on the profound impact of our upbringing and microtraumas, emphasizing the alarming trend of passing traumas from one generation to the next.

Jeanny Zelaya followed, elucidating on the significance of conditioning, core beliefs, and the crucial window of tolerance in shaping our mental landscapes. "Typically the age of 6 we develop our core beliefs which are what we've decided to be facts about who I am, who people are and the world."

Our third speaker, Joan Mwangi urged attendees to reconnect with their inner child, urging reflection on the traumas inherited from previous generations and the imperative of acknowledging and healing them. "Your child self 0-7 years, your adolescent self 8-26 years, then the adult self (your higher self) is the referee between the adolescent and the child."

Finally, Theo Foreman impassioned the audience to muscle up their mental health, advocating for a holistic approach to wellness and planting the seed of realization that mental health is a non-negotiable priority. "It's never too late," he added.


Testimonials from our attendees

The resounding success of the forum lay not only in its lineup of exceptional speakers but in its creation of a safe space for men to engage in candid dialogue..

"I would like to say these event was beautifully put together and I'm extremely excited for the next event. This was my first time ever attending a Men's Mental Health event and it was refreshing to be around like minded men who were interested in bettering themselves. You already have a truly amazing program."
"Being my first time and having a foundation of inner work, I would say everything was great, however 4 hours seems not to be enough."

After a good meal, heartfelt discussions, and a Q&A session time, the forum proved to be a resounding success, shining a light on the importance of men's mental health and inspiring attendees to prioritize their well-being. Participants left the event equipped with a deeper understanding of mental wellness and empowered to embark on their journey towards healing.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our incredible partners who made this event possible - Samar Systems, Rannd Consultants, PFS Productions, Lexron Photography, and New Dawn Av Productions Inc. Take a moment and peruse images below by the talented Lexron Photography team who helped us captured the essence of the day.

Learn more about how Samar Healthcare offers resources and services to deal with mental health illnesses, and connect with us at:

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